Beginner Classes


This is our introductory program for students who have never trained in martial arts. This program is for ages 5 and up. students are introduced to the basic core concepts of martial arts fitness, motor skill develop, discipline, and self-awareness.



The focus of this program is to help further the development of the Team Torres Martial artist as they continue their training as an orange belt and beyond.

Black Belt Club


Our Black belt club is only available to our green belts and above ranks. This program contains advanced training in the Chil Sung series of forms, weapons training, and advanced self-defense. Students must be selected by Master Torres to be part of the program.

Demo Team


The Team Torres Demo Team represents our school at various domestic and international competitions. Tryouts are held for the team every Fall. Eligible students must be a green belt or higher.

Competition Training


We provide those students who wish to compete the opportunity to attend local, regional, national, and international events.  Team Torres takes pride in their students and helps nurture the competitive martial arts athlete.